Pooled saliva test results and a reminder about the survey

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We have received results from all pooled saliva testing conducted this week. All pools were negative. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and who participated, and thank you for taking the proper measures to keep our community healthy.

The next scheduled pooled saliva testing is Tuesday, Feb. 2, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Recreation Center. Notice this is a change in location. All students currently living on campus must participate. All employees who are regularly on campus physically should plan to participate as well. To comply with SUNY system’s recent guidelines and our recently approved COVID plan, everyone must be tested weekly.

We now ask that everyone brings their Morrisville ID or M number with them at the time of testing. This will help us record those who show up for testing, and those who will require follow-up.

We also need volunteers to help. If you are able and willing to assist with administering testing, please contact HR Director Dawn Norcross or Student Affairs Vice President Mary Bonderoff and let either of them know.

Please be sure you are registered for a testing profile with suny-covid-test.com before you arrive. If you have participated in pooled saliva testing on campus previously, you should already have an account. Have your username and password ready. When you arrive, you can use the “Register a new test” link, complete the questionnaire up through “I have a test” and we can collect your sample at that time.

Thank you to everyone who has completed our survey. If you not have already done so, please complete this form right away. We ask supervisors to ensure their reports have completed it so we have an accurate count of on-campus employees to update our testing plans, report to system and help county health officials make plans. Please complete this short form by Friday, Jan. 29.