Wastewater results received; Cayuga Hall residents must be tested again

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3:22 p.m.
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We have received Cayuga Hall wastewater testing results from Thursday, Sept. 17. The level remains the same as those from earlier in the week – detected, but not quantifiable.

Wastewater can detect infection up to seven days before symptoms appear. Pooled saliva testing can be delayed 4-5 days after it shows up in wastewater. Therefore, we need to repeat pooled saliva testing on all Cayuga Hall residents.

Even if you participated in pooled saliva testing before, and even if you received a negative test result, you can still be a carrier and you must still participate in a new round of testing.

All residents of Cayuga Hall must participate in new testing, which will take place Tuesday, Sept. 22, in Cayuga Hall in the morning (likely 9 a.m.). All Cayuga Hall residents must remain in precautionary quarantine until results are received from this new pooled saliva testing. They should not attend classes, go to dining halls or work, participate in athletics practices or any other activities outside of the residence hall until informed otherwise.

All students must log into the test registration website and make updates. Even if you registered before, new information is required. The website now requires insurance information, as well as information about permanent home address and county.

Students must still place orders with Dining Services, using the online order form (detailed instructions below). Orders for each day must be placed between 6 p.m. the previous evening and 6 a.m. the same day food is to be delivered.