West Hall precautionary quarantine lifted

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7:20 a.m.
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Results from Monday’s pooled saliva testing of West Hall residents have come back negative. The precautionary quarantine has been lifted.

A few residents chose to go home before the tests and have been informed that they will need to provide a negative test result before returning to campus, or precautionarily move into South Hall (our designated quarantine and isolation facility) until they are tested and results come back negative.

At this time, there is no clear indication why last week’s wastewater testing of West Hall showed a “detectable, but not quantifiable” level of the virus. It is possible a guest used the facilities, or that a resident was once infected and now recovered and is still shedding remnants of the virus.

It is essential that everyone continue to monitor their symptoms and use the daily self-screening checklist. Please continue to wear your masks properly, covering your mouth and nose, while also maintaining physical distance from others.

SUNY system has heightened consequences now for those who have parties or otherwise violate safety standards that could jeopardize the community or send us into a period of remote-only learning.

We will continue our twice-weekly central wastewater testing and our additional building-specific wastewater testing once a week.

Thank you for your compliance and care, and your attention to participating in our testing and safety protocols.

If you have questions about your health, please contact the Student Health Center. If you have questions about conduct, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If you have COVID-19-related questions or concerns, please use our online form