Norwich Campus Accessibility Services

607.334.5144 x5055

SUNY Morrisville Norwich Campus offers students with accessibility needs a variety of academic accommodations and services that provide equal access and opportunities throughout their college experience. Students who have a 504 or IEP Plan in high school or have a medical condition must provide documentation in order to receive services.

Students who would like to know more about Accessibility Services at the Norwich Campus should contact the Student Services Advisor, Pat Davis, via email at  or by calling 607.334.5144 ext. 5055. Students may also make an appointment through Bookings.

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The Office of Accessibility Services at Norwich Campus is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site.


The forms below should be completed and emailed to Pat Davis at

Communication Form

Share preferred contact information with the Office of Accessibility Services.

Disclosure Form

Give permission for the Office of Accessibility Services to obtain your records with specific entities to set up accommodations.

Permissions Form

Give permission for the Office of Accessibility Services to speak with specific entities regarding accommodations.

Release of Information to Parents Form

Indicate which information the Office of Accessibility Services may be shared with a parent or guardian.