Employee Assistance Program


What is EAP?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a NYS-funded initiative that’s designed to help employees and their immediate family members with any challenges they’re facing in their lives, whether they be personal or work-related, with the idea in mind that happy, healthy employees are best for the organization as a whole. All EAP services are free, voluntary, and strictly confidential. This means that clients can have peace of mind, knowing there is never any charge for EAP services, employees cannot be mandated to seek EAP services, and your information will never be shared with anyone.

What services are provided?

EAP is a referral service, not counseling, that connects clients with the resources they need to face a challenge or meet a goal. Clients who contact an EAP Coordinator will schedule a consultation to discuss their problems or goals. Then, the EAP Coordinator will use that information to refer the client to appropriate programs, services, agencies, or resources - usually in their own community, and with their insurance needs in mind - that can help them meet their goals.

Why is EAP important to us?

Most people experience some personal or emotional problems at one time or another, but sometimes these problems can affect job performance, including attendance problems, low productivity, or trouble getting along with co-workers and supervisors. This could eventually lead to disciplinary action. EAP is an important tool that can help employees deal with the challenges they are facing before they create problems for them at work. Our Coordinators want to help.

How do I contact EAP?

Please note that HR, a supervisor, or colleague can refer you to EAP, but receiving EAP services can never be mandated.

Employees or their immediate family members can contact an EAP Coordinator directly via phone or email. Clients can contact the main EAP email or phone extension, or if they prefer to work with a particular coordinator, they can reach out to that coordinator directly at the phone or emails listed below.

  • Mark Blakeslee, EAP Coordinator

Visit NYS Work-Life Services

In situations requiring immediate attention, clients should call the NYS EAP Hotline at 1.800.822.0244