Office of the Provost

5th Floor

The Office of the Provost is responsible for the oversight and administration of all academic and support programs at SUNY Morrisville. In addition, the Library, Workforce Development, and the Registrar all report to the Provost.

A Welcome Message from Provost Suzan Harkness

Provost Suzan Harkness

Welcome to SUNY Morrisville! As Provost, I am excited to have you join our Mustang community of learners. At SUNY Morrisville, we are committed to providing an experiential hands-on education that prepares students for exciting careers. We create our futures with our own hands. We hammer, weld and mold. We dig, plant and harvest. We milk, produce, and nourish. We rehabilitate, we nurture, we save.

We are a regional college located in the beautiful rolling countryside of Central New York and have campus locations at Morrisville, Norwich, and offer Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) programs in Syracuse. Our student body is highly diverse and come from all areas of New York and around the globe. We offer programs in agriculture-technology fields, liberal arts, business, social sciences, workforce development, and Nursing. Students may earn certificates, credentials, associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.

As a campus, we are dedicated to sustainability, leading-edge agriculture and technical fields, and hands-on experiential learning. This combination sets us apart from other institutions. We are a close-kit community which allows students to forge close bonds with our caring and dedicated faculty. Students can engage in original and faculty-led research, explore the world through a new lens, practice career skills through life-changing internships, tap into a wide-range of support services, join or form clubs, participate or watch Division III athletics, exercise in our exceptional fitness centers, and slow-down to take in the natural beauty that abounds our campuses.

We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, and we strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community. We are here to help students achieve their academic goals and shape the future of tomorrow.

Warm Regards,

Suzan J. Harkness, Ph.D., Provost