Aquaculture and Aquatic Science A.A.S.

Aquaculture student measuring a fish

Immerse yourself in your learning.

Through its diversity and depth, Morrisville’s Associate in Applied Science degree program in aquaculture and aquatic science prepares you for success in aquaculture, marine biology, fisheries and conservation, and many related industries.

As part of the college’s Environmental Sciences Department, the program provides fundamental training in aquaculture, fisheries biology, limnology and aquatic biology. You will explore diverse subjects through practical, hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art aquaculture complex and a wide assortment of laboratory and field settings.

A feature of the program is the college’s Controlled Environment Agriculture initiative, a closed system which supports indoor plant cultivation.

You also can enhance your studies by joining the Morrisville Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and our Outdoor Recreation Club

As a graduate of this program, you are qualified to work as a technician in hatcheries, fisheries, and environmental science facilities. You can also continue your studies through transfer elsewhere into baccalaureate degree programs in marine biology, environmental conservation, aquaponics, agriculture and many other related fields of study.

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