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SUNY Morrisville is making it easier for transfer students to earn a four-year degree! If you have earned a high school diploma and have college credits from another school, you can apply for transfer admission.

Here’s how:

See if you meet the following criteria for admission to SUNY Morrisville:

  • A 2.0 minimum grade point average (GPA)

    • If less than 12 credits are completed, your high school academic record will be considered.
    • If less than a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, a personal statement and letter of recommendation are required.

Follow the Transfer Application Process:

  • Submit a SUNY Application or The Common Application.

    • Students facing significant financial hardship may request their application fees be waived by having their school or transfer counselor complete and submit a Fee Waiver Form.
    • The SUNY Application fee is waived for transfer students graduating with a SUNY or CUNY associate degree. The Common Application fee is not waived for transfer students graduating with a SUNY or CUNY associate degree.
    • Each application carries a fee of $50 and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Submit official college transcript from all colleges previously attended.

    • Submit official AP, IB and CLEP score reports if necessary.

Check your credits for transfer:

  • In general, your credits will transfer if they fit the curriculum to which you are applying. The course must have been taken within the last seven (7) years, and you must have earned a grade of C or better.

    • Unless the course is directly substituted for a SUNY Morrisville course, the actual grade you received will not count toward your grade point average.
  • As a transfer student with freshman or sophomore status, you are required to live on campus unless you:
    • are 21 years of age or older
    • have a financial barrier
    • are a military veteran
    • are married or in a partnership
    • live within 30 miles of the college and plan to commute
    • are designated as being above sophomore status
  • Scholarships

    SUNY Morrisville offers an abundance of scholarship opportunities for high achieving transfer students. To see what scholarships you may be eligible for, visit Scholarships & Awards.  

    Need more information? Contact the Admissions Office.