CampusWide Advising


Campuswide Advising at SUNY Morrisville provides you with exceptional academic mentoring and support from our professional advisors. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Join Campuswide Advising in our Virtual Lobby! We continue to be available to assist you with:

  • Review of various campus resources (Degreeworks, Schedulizer, Web for Students) that can assist in course enrollment and progress towards graduation
  • Directing you towards campus resources that would be helpful to your specific scenario
  • Understanding college policies and degree requirements
  • Effectively communicating with your instructors in a professional way
  • Learning about various degrees and fields of studies offered by SUNY Morrisville, other SUNY institutions, and more
  • Exploring transfer options within and beyond SUNY Morrisville
  • Developing personalized academic strategies to optimize learning outcomes.

Schedule a meeting by emailing or “drop in” by searching “Advising” on Microsoft Teams. Once there you will have the ability to chat, video or phone conference with a Campuswide Advisor.

Download the Microsoft Teams App at (Desktop/Laptop) or “Microsoft Teams” on the App Store with your Morrisville email credentials.

New to Microsoft Teams? Check out this short video on the chat features available to you

Program Faculty/Staff

Director of Campuswide Advising and Special Programs
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor