College ID Services

Tech Center and College ID Services are available by appointment only. Please book an appointment before visiting.

ID Card Uses and Care


Your ID card is a necessary part of your college career here at Morrisville.

  • Identification: Your ID card is a valid picture ID on campus.
  • Meal Plans: In order to use your meal plan or Dining Points at dining facilities, you must have your ID card.
  • Campus Cash: Formerly know as Mustang Money, Campus Cash is a declining balance account used for purchases at MAC locations, including the Campus Store, vending machines, dining centers and participating local merchants. Purchases are taxable and the balance is refundable at the end of the academic year if you are separating from campus (i.e. withdrawing from school, transferring to another school, etc.). Money is loaded right onto your student ID card. Please note that after one year of inactivity a $10-per-month dormancy fee will be implemented on Campus Cash until funds are depleted. This dormancy fee will be retroactive to the first month of inactivity.
  • Building Access: Certain buildings require your ID card to enter, such as some residence halls, computer labs and classrooms.
  • Library Card: The Library requires your ID card to check out books.
  • Computer Access: Certain computers require your ID card.

Card Care

Please keep your card in its original condition, and treat it well! If you punch a hole in or deface your ID card (using stickers, etc.), you will have to replace your ID card ($20). If you would like to put your card on a key ring, there are ID card holders for sale at the Campus Store.

College ID FAQs

What are Dining Points? 

Dining Points are a declining balance account good for food purchases only at Seneca Dining Hall, Mustang Alley, Smooth Jazzy Joz, The Pit Stop and Market24. Purchases are non-taxable, and the balance remaining at the end of the semester is non-refundable.

Do any off-campus locations accept Dining Points? 

At this time, only the Copper Turret accepts Dining Points, as well as meal plans and Campus Cash.

What happens if I lose my ID card? 


  • Report your lost or stolen ID card in one of the following ways:

    • Log onto GET CBORD Student and follow the instructions to report your card missing (you must register if you have never used GET CBORD Student).
    • Go to the College ID Office in the Tech Center to report your card missing.
    • Tell the cashier at any dining location on campus.
  • Replace your ID card by going to the College ID Office in the Tech Center in Hamilton Hall. Replacement ID cards cost $20. 

What is Campus Cash? 

Campus Cash is a declining balance account linked to your ID card. One of the benefits of Campus Cash is that you reduce the risk of loss or theft by not carrying cash.

What is the difference between the Meal Plan and Campus Cash? 

A Meal Plan and Dining Points are non-taxable and non-refundable and can only be used for food purchases at on-campus dining locations. Campus Cash is taxable, potentially refundable, and can be used both on and off campus for a variety of services and dining options.

Are there any fees associated with Campus Cash? 

It is completely free to sign up for and use Campus Cash. However, after one year of inactivity a $10-per-month dormancy fee will be implemented on Campus Cash until funds are depleted. This dormancy fee will be retroactive to the first month of inactivity.

How can I add funds to my ID card? 

You can add funds to your Campus Cash and Dining Points accounts at the College ID Office, in person or by phone. We accept cash, check or credit card. You can deposit online through GET CBORD Student.

Where can I use Campus Cash on campus? 

You can use Campus Cash at any MAC location, including the Campus Store, all dining locations, for automotive repairs, and most vending machines, including Market24.

Where can I use Campus Cash off campus? 

Your card is accepted at the following off-campus locations:

  • Byrne Dairy 
    607.336.7530 | 69 E. Main St, Norwich, NY 13815 |
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • Copper Turret 
    315.684.6699 | 15 W. Main St, Morrisville, NY 13408 |
    Accepts: Campus Cash, Meal Plan, Dining Points
  • Speedway
    315.684.3330 | 20 E Main St, Morrisville, NY 13408
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • Nelson Farms Country Store 
    315.655.3301 | 3261 US Route 20, Cazenovia, NY 13035 |
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • New York Pizzeria 
    315.684.9090 | 28 E. Main St, Morrisville, NY 13408 
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • Quack's Village Inn & Diner 
    315.893.1806 | 7239 State Route 20, Madison, NY 13402 |
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • Subway 
    315.684.1066 | 25 E. Main St, Morrisville, NY |
    Accepts: Campus Cash
  • The Corral Morrisville Pizzeria 
    315.684.3030 | 44 E. Main Street Morrisville, NY 13408 |
    Accepts: Campus Cash

Can I get a refund of my Campus Cash? 

Refunds can be requested at the end of the academic year in the Spring or when you separate from campus (i.e. withdrawing from school, transferring to another school, etc.). Please contact College ID Services for more information.

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with Campus Cash? 

You may not purchase gift cards, tobacco, firearms, alcohol or pornographic material using Campus Cash.