Tutoring Center FAQ

Where is the Tutoring Center located?

The Tutoring Center is located in the back left corner of the first floor of Butcher Library.

How much does it cost to work with a tutor?

Currently, the cost of tutoring is covered through the tuition and fees that students already pay, so there is no additional charge to work with tutors.

When is the Tutoring Center open?

The Tutoring Center usually has administrative staff available weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

When are tutors available?

Each tutor has a different set of hours when they are available to assist students. Usually, tutors are available at a variety of times morning, afternoon, and/or evening daily except for Saturdays. In addition, NightOWL online tutoring has tutors available 7 p.m. - midnight, Sundays through Thursdays.

How do I find out who can help me and when?

The Tutoring Center publishes a schedule that lists tutors and their hours with the courses or subjects that they can tutor. This schedule is posted both on the college website and on a bulletin board in the Tutoring Center. It is updated regularly throughout the semester as new tutors are hired and as tutors need to change their hours.

Who are the tutors?

The Tutoring Center has two categories of tutors: professional tutors and peer tutors. All are part-time employees who have differing tutoring schedules.

Professional tutors have already completed at least a bachelor’s degree, whereas peer tutors are currently enrolled students at the college. 

To become a peer tutor, a student must have earned a cumulative college GPA of at least 2.75 and individual course grades of at least B (3.00) to tutor a specific course (their average cumulative GPA each semester is around 3.50). Peer tutors must have also been recommended by at least two of their professors.

Do I have to book an appointment to meet with a tutor?

Yes, due to precautions for maintaining the safety of students and staff during Fall 2020, the Tutoring Center will not be providing drop-in tutoring. The only exception to this will be NightOWL online tutoring, which continues to be a drop-in service.

How do I book an appointment to meet with a tutor?

Students can book a tutoring appointment through Starfish, a web-based software system used at the college. Appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Where will I meet with my tutor?

During Fall 2020, tutoring sessions will be online using Teams and Go Board, a virtual whiteboard, in order to maintain physical distancing for the safety of students and tutors. Students may request a face-to-face session in special circumstances; however, it may not be possible to fulfill such requests.

How do I work with a NightOWL online tutor?

Visit the NightOWL webpage and follow the instructions provided to sign in during the hours of operation, 7 p.m. - midnight, Sundays through Thursdays. NightOWL doesn’t offer tutoring by appointment, so students sign in online and are helped in the order that they log in.

How long can a tutoring session last?

Tutoring sessions can last up to 60 minutes.

How often can I have a tutoring session?

Students may have one tutoring session per course per day. 

My study partner/team and I would like to work together with a tutor for our class. Is that possible?

Yes, students may request to work together with a tutor for a small-group session. Sometimes, the Tutoring Center will also pair students taking the same course together to work at the same time with a tutor when separate times aren’t available. The only exception to forming group tutoring sessions is tutoring for writing assignments. We keep sessions for help with papers as one-on-one sessions (unless it is a group writing a single paper together).

Will writing tutors proofread my papers for me?

The Tutoring Center’s primary goal is to help students learn how to do their own work on their own, not do their work for them. Therefore, writing tutors will not proofread students’ writing assignments for them. However, they will help you learn how to proofread your papers for yourself. In addition, writing tutors can help with all stages of the writing process: prewriting (understanding the assignment, brainstorming, researching, organizing, etc.), drafting, revising, and editing. We recommend that a student begin tutoring sessions as soon as they are given a writing assignment so that we can help with each of these steps.

Can tutors help me with general study skills, such as reading, taking notes, time management, how to memorize, test-taking strategies, and so on?

Yes, tutors can help students with general study skills. Often, these matters come up during tutoring sessions. In addition, the Tutoring Center also discusses these general study skills in its student workshops known as Student Success Seminars (SSS). Most weeks of fall and spring semesters, the Tutoring Center holds SSS sessions.

Will the tutors have copies of my textbooks and other course materials?

No, the Tutoring Center does not have copies of textbooks or other course materials. Students are responsible for bringing the course materials needed for what they would like to work on to their tutoring sessions.

How do I apply to become a peer tutor?

Currently enrolled students can apply to become a peer tutor if they have completed at least 12 credits of college-level coursework with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Applicants should have also earned a B (3.00) or higher in any courses they would like to tutor. To apply, students should submit a completed application form (available from the Tutoring Center), their resume, and a cover letter discussing their interest in and qualifications for the job. The Director would then contact the applicant’s faculty references and invite the student to an interview if recommended by at least two instructors. Students hired as peer tutors must also participate in peer tutor training.

Whom should I contact if I would like to speak to the person in charge of the Tutoring Center?

Many questions can be answered by emailing TutoringCenter@morrisville.edu. The Tutoring Center webpages also have information related to many questions. The phone number of the Tutoring Center is 315.684.6042.

If you have something of a more confidential or private nature that you would like to discuss, please contact Stephanie Lawhorne, Director of the Tutoring Center at LawhorSL@morrisville.edu