Tutoring Schedule

To find tutors for your courses, look up your classes by subject. Subjects are listed alphabetically, and with each subject, particular course numbers are listed. Then find the tutors who are listed beside your course numbers; then you will see their work schedules. You may drop in during these hours, or you may come in at least one day in advance to book an appointment with a tutor. Please bring a printed copy of your Week at a Glance Schedule from Web for Students (or other document showing your weekly schedule) if you would like to make an appointment. If you do not see a tutor for your course or if the tutors’ schedules do not work for you (or if you have any other concerns), then email TutoringCenter@morrisville.edu. Hours listed BAO means that they are “by appointment only.” Tutors will only be available at these hours when students have booked appointments to meet at these times.

Tutoring at the Tutoring Center begins on the first day of classes and is in recess during breaks in classes (Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break).