Weather Emergencies

SUNY Morrisville is a residential community and needs to remain open regardless of weather conditions. As a state office, the college may only close upon order by the Governor. However, rare occasions may occur when weather-related conditions or other emergencies necessitate that the college delay or cancel classes, dismiss employees early, or remain open for essential staff only.

In these circumstances, employees and students will be notified in the following ways:

  • E-mail
  • Class Cancellations
  • Campus Information Channel
  • Local Media: Announcements will be made on local media. Most also list closings on their web sites.

In all cases, commuter students and employees must use their best judgment in determining their own safety when traveling to and from home.

The college has a long standing practice of authorizing early departures during severe weather conditions. In these instances, employees are required to charge appropriate leave accruals.