Morrisville Esports Presents: So You Wanna Be a Streamer?

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This event will air live on the Morrisville_Gamers Twitch Channel at 6pm ET. 

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Join fellow students and faculty in a how-to panel for streaming on Twitch and YouTube. Not sure what gear to buy? Don't understand what hosting and raiding is? The Morrisville Esports (MES) Club is here to walk you through the process of setting up your accounts, using streaming software, and kickstarting your streaming career. This event will be streamed live from the Morrisville_Gamers Twitch channel.


  • DeadlyInvocation: Tyshaun Bellamy CITA Student and Vice President for MES
  • Shiruya12: Ricardo Gibson CITA Student and President for MES
  • Angemaler: Angela Rhodes Librarian and Co-Advisor for MES