SUNY Summer Esports Tournament

Event time - additional information

Catch the action as we stream the tournament LIVE from our Twitch channel!

Registration closes Friday, July 24th. All schedule times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Seeding and Elimination Round: Saturday, August 1st

Round robin or Swiss matches will take place on Saturday August 1st, starting at 12 PM.

Elimination and Quarterfinal Rounds: Saturday, August 8th

All elimination rounds and quarterfinal rounds will take place on Saturday August 8th, starting at 12 PM.

Final Rounds: Saturday, August 15th

 12:00 PM - Bo5 - Rocket League
  1:00 PM - Bo5 - Smash
  2:00 PM - Bo5 - Overwatch
  4:00 PM - Bo1 - CS:GO
  5:15 PM - Bo3 - League of Legends

Final Rounds: Sunday, August 16th

  1:00 PM - Bo7 - Rocket League
  2:00 PM - Bo5 - Smash
  3:00 PM - Bo5 - Overwatch
  5:00 PM - Bo3 - CS:GO
  7:30 PM - Bo3 - League of Legends

Event Location
Online: Twitch for Spectators
Event Category
Student Activities
Public event

A community tournament for fun (no prize) coordinated by the University of Buffalo, SUNY Canton, and LeagueSpot, SUNY Morrisville students (registered for the summer or fall 2020) are invited to enter the SUNY Summer Esports Tournament!

The tournament includes the following games: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (1v1), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5); Overwatch (6v6); League of Legends (5v5), and Rocket League (3v3).

Registration is live and closes Friday, July 24th. For team games (all but SSBU), you may register individually to be placed on a team on a first come, first serve basis, or as the team captain, register your team. The tournament begins Saturday, August 1st; all details related to the schedule of the games is listed under the event dates. Please register as soon as possible. The full schedule, rules, and tournament brackets can be found at the official SUNY Esports Discord Channel and compiled in a Google Doc. The rules of the tournament must be adhered to.

Contact the SUNY Morrisville Esports Staff Representative, Angela Rhodes, with any questions: