Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy Events & Training

We have several upcoming training opportunities for prospective students, teachers/educators, and others looking to explore career options in Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy, including college credit-bearing courses.

Upcoming Events

Offshore Wind and Beyond: Fall 2024 Training Courses (Credit)

OWTI grant-funded scholarships available. Priority registration will be given for underrepresented populations, with FREE tuition for OWTI participants!

Fall courses (August 26-December 6, online and in-person options)

Courses with “*” are OWTI course sections designed for more flexible scheduling. Full course descriptions are available in the college catalog.

*RENG 221 - Introduction to Wind Systems (Hyflex: online or in-person; to register, use CRNs 15992 and lab 15993 M 2-5 pm) – a wind technician course.

*RENG 150 – Analysis Techniques for Renewable Energy (Hyflex: online or in-person; to register,  use CRN 15991) – a renewable energy fundamentals course.

*RENG 225 - Tower Climbing and Rescue (hybrid: online lecture, in-person lab; to register, use CRN 15995) – a wind technician course.

RENG 101 - Electrical Theory for Renewable Energy (in-person; to register, use CRNs 14956 and 15540 or 15783) – a renewable energy fundamentals course and wind technician course.

RENG 102 - Renewable Energy Resources (in-person; to register, use CRN 15017 or 15990) – a renewable energy fundamentals course.

Other Opportunities for You

Individuals seeking continuing education in renewable energy can enroll in one of our RENG college courses by using the registration form from the Center for Lifelong Learning, or enrolling in one of the RE degree programs. Future opportunities for training and certification will continue to be added.

Training and workforce development organizations interested in partnering can contact the