Closing Window for Campus Return

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7:52 p.m.
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Thank you for your help in making plans for residence halls for the remainder of the spring semester. It is helping us to reduce density of people and suppress the spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Only students who have completed the “Student Plans After Spring Break” survey in Web for Students AND who have been notified (notifications go out Friday by noon) that they have been accepted to return to campus will be allowed to access residence halls after 7 p.m. today, Thursday, March 26. Swipe card access will be turned off at this time for those not registered and notified of approval.

No one will be permitted to access residence halls this weekend (except for students who remained during spring break). Returning students only will be allowed to return on Monday, March 30, during their assigned hour selected during notification.

No one may return to campus, even to retrieve their belongings, without express notification that they are allowed to do so.

Students who arrive on campus without having completed the survey AND permission to return will be asked to leave. Students who arrive will be screened to ensure they have no symptoms and no exposure to COVID-19 before they will be allowed in residence halls. They will complete a brief questionnaire as part of the screening.

Those arriving to stay on campus will be issued masks. Anyone who presents with symptoms, or indicates through the questionnaire that they might have been exposed, will be issued a thermometer and be asked to check their temperature twice a day, in addition to being placed in mandatory quarantine while testing is arranged.

As we are able, we will announce additional windows of time when students may return to campus to retrieve their belongings. We will request students to sign up for specific time slots, so that we can stagger arrivals and observe proper social distancing protocols.

Students who have essential items left in their residences, such as laptops or textbooks, medicine or other necessities, can contact Residence Life to learn about options to have materials collected, packaged and shipped at personal expense. As the details of those arrangements are developed, we will provide a form and a process. Please check Students/Parent section of SUNY Morrisville’s coronavirus webpage and consult the Frequently Asked Questions section for updates.

Students on campus who wish to retrieve packages from the campus mailroom must make arrangements ahead of time with the mailroom staff by contacting Students not on campus should change their address with shipping carriers to alternate, non-campus addresses.

If students OR any guests accompanying them to campus answer YES to any of the following, they will not be permitted to come to campus, or enter residence halls, until they have completed a 14-day quarantine:

  1. Has flu-like symptoms; or
  2. Has been in any Level 3 country within the last 14 days reported by the Centers for Disease Control as having “widespread sustained” (with or without restrictions on entry to the U.S.) or “sustained community” spread of the coronavirus (; or
  3. Resides or has had close contact with anyone who has been in a Level 3 country within the last 14 days; or
  4. Has been directed to self-quarantine, isolate or self-monitor for the coronavirus by any doctor, hospital or health agency; or
  5. Has been diagnosed with, or has had close contact with anyone diagnosed with, COVID-19.

Please see the Students/Parent section of SUNY Morrisville’s coronavirus webpage and consult the Frequently Asked Questions section for details about staying on campus, retrieving belongings or leaving campus.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we work together to reduce exposure and keep everyone as safe as possible.