Fall 2020 Return to Campus – Being a Good Neighbor

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As we approach the start of the fall semester, we will share a series of messages to ensure that you have answers to as many of your questions as possible. Please see below information regarding “being a good neighbor” and the ongoing partnerships between SUNY Morrisville and the local community to help combat COVID-19. The complete return-to-campus plan, which has received approval from SUNY and meets New York State Department of Health's Reopening New York Higher Education Guidelines, is available on our Fall 2020 Reopening Plans and Updates webpage. Please recognize that all plans are still subject to change due to new information, guidance or direction from the state.

As a reminder, for the safety of yourself and the campus and local community, a mask or face covering is required when in all public spaces, both on and off campus.

Working with the local community

As we transition back to campus, our No. 1 priority is the health and well-being of everyone in our campus and local community. SUNY Morrisville continues to work with the local community, including the Village Board and the Madison County Health Department, to ensure everyone’s safety and to help stop the transmission of COVID-19.

  • The Village of Morrisville and the Village Board request that students adhere to the same protocols in the community as they follow on campus. When out in Morrisville and the surrounding communities, please follow the required health and safety measures, including wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizer, limiting large gatherings and practicing physical distancing when occupying local establishments (stores, eateries, etc.).
  • The college is also partnering with the Madison County Health Department to study wastewater in Madison County, collecting wastewater influent samples and testing for early warning signs of COVID-19. By testing the wastewater, the virus can be tracked in the community before any positive cases are found for residents.
  • The college and Madison County Health Department are also working together through:
    • Helping to monitor the spread of COVID-19;
    • Monitoring student infection rate;
    • Monitoring illness in the student population (as monitored by the Student Health Center); and
    • Monitoring absenteeism of students and employees.

Proper steps to take if traveling outside of New York State or out of the region/country and then returning to campus 

All individuals entering New York State coming from a state with high rates of COVID-19 infections or with recent international travel must complete the New York State mandatory traveler health form one day prior to arrival in New York. The traveler health form can be found on the New York State COVID-19 Travel Advisory webpage.    
It is now a requirement from SUNY System for students to send a screenshot of the last page of the form to the Student Health Center to aid with tracking our students. This is a requirement for all students, not just residential students. Please email a screenshot of this form to Deb Babowicz, Director of Student Health and Counseling Services, at babowidp@morrisville.edu
Information on quarantine for any person arriving from another state in the United States for which travel restrictions apply includes: 

1.    The individual must not be in public or otherwise leave the quarters that they have identified as suitable for their quarantine. 
2.    The individual must be situated in separate quarters with a separate bathroom facility for each individual or family group. Access to a sink with soap, water and paper towels is necessary. Cleaning supplies (e.g. household cleaning wipes, bleach) must be provided in any shared bathroom. 
3.    The individual must have a way to self-quarantine from household members as soon as fever or other symptoms develop, in a separate room(s) with a separate door. Given that an exposed person might become ill while sleeping, the exposed person must sleep in a separate bedroom from household members. 
4.    Food must be delivered to the person; the individual cannot leave to get food. 
5.    Quarters must have a supply of face masks for individuals to put on if they become symptomatic. 
6.    Garbage must be bagged and left outside for routine pick up. Special handling is not required. 
7.    Use this temperature log to monitor your temperature.  
8.    Nearby medical facilities must be notified prior to arrival of the quarantine, if the individual begins to experience more than mild symptoms and requires medical assistance.  
9.    The quarters must be secure against unauthorized access. 

Being a good neighbor

The best way to help keep the campus and local community safe is to “be a good neighbor” and follow the health and safety measures set forth by the college, local health departments and New York State. Please be sure to also monitor your health daily and be on alert for symptoms — watch for fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Together, we can help create a safe environment this semester. #MustangStrong


Wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing, wherever possible, are the best way to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Students and employees are required to wear face coverings when in all public spaces, and whenever physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Our return-to-campus plan is constantly evolving. We will continue to share updates about life on campus as more details develop. You can also find more information regarding what to expect during the fall 2020 semester by visiting our Fall 2020 Reopening Plans and Updates homepage.