Contact Information

La'retta Castro

Director of Grants
Phone: 315.684.6986

Grants are a vital component of SUNY Morrisville and support innovative programs in teaching and learning, institutional growth, and project collaborations with the community.  The Director of Grants provides resources to faculty, staff and administration to find funding for programs and projects to support the mission of SUNY Morrisville and our students.

The Office of Grants can assist faculty and staff with:

  • Identifying potential funding sources;
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals to submit funding proposals;
  • Obtaining required application forms, guidelines, and other pertinent materials;
  • Coordinate the preparation, submission and negotiation of applications;
  • Review proposals and provide editorial assistance before submission;
  • Write project narratives and develop budgets;
  • Understanding and complying with sponsor guidelines;
  • Explore opportunities for cost-sharing and matching funds, when needed.

The proposal submission approval form should be submitted to La’retta Castro 60 days prior to the grant deadline.  The form will be submitted to the President’s Cabinet for review.  The President’s Cabinet will return their decision to The Grants Department.  The Grants Department will let the individual know if the proposal is approved or disapproved for submission.  If the proposal is not approved the President’s cabinet will provide a brief statement of why.

Once the proposal is approved, the Principal Investigator and Director of Grants will begin working collaboratively to submit the grant. The Grants Office will ensure compliance with the sponsors, SUNY, SUNY RF and college guidelines, Federal and State regulations and budgetary issues, including overhead cost recovery (F&A) and salary offset.  All applications must be reviewed prior to submission, the PI will submit their final proposal two weeks prior to the submission deadline for review.