COVID-19 update for the week of Nov. 2-6

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All testing samples collected this week (Nov. 2-6) for both wastewater and pooled saliva testing for COVID-19 have been received.

Two pooled saliva tests from student-athlete samples came back positive, and reflex testing is underway to identify individuals with positive tests.

Employee samples all came back negative.

Wastewater samples collected from Nov. 2 received results yesterday. The virus is at quantifiable levels in the central plant and in Commons 1 and West Hall. We are placing residents in those halls on restricted movement.

Testing will take place in those halls on Tuesday (Nov. 10) morning, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Residents of West Hall will report to the lobby to be tested. Residents of Commons 1 should be ready for testers to knock on their doors and take samples at the door.

All other students who are leaving campus for the remainder of the semester on or by Friday, Nov. 20, must participate in testing Tuesday, Nov. 10, or Wednesday, Nov. 11, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Recreation Center. We ask students to test on Tuesday, if possible. All employees who have not tested yet in November must also participate in testing Nov. 10-11.

Among our students, we know six are currently positive and all are isolating off campus. We have a total of 26 students in mandatory quarantine (all but one off campus) and one in precautionary quarantine. Currently, the designated quarantine and isolation building, South Hall, is empty.

There are no known positive cases among employees.

Daily updates on the college’s COVID-19 testing, quarantine, isolation and other data are available through the SUNY COVID-19 Tracker dashboard webpage. The SUNY COVID-19 Tracker reports data in a fixed 14-day window, with the current window starting Oct. 10. The college posts its latest wastewater data on its own webpage.

If you are a student with questions about your health, please contact the Student Health Center. Employees should contact their primary health care provider. For questions or concerns about staying home from work, please contact your supervisor and Human Resources.

If you have questions about conduct, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If you have other COVID-19-related questions or concerns, please use our online form.