New Student Spaces - New and renovated spaces dedicated to students are unveiled

Students play basketball in the new student recreation center.
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Student Recreation Center

“What a great day for Morrisville!”

That sentiment was shared by SUNY Morrisville President David Rogers as he addressed the sizeable crowd gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil SUNY Morrisville’s new Student Recreation Center.

The beautiful facility, located next to the IcePlex, features dedicated lounge spaces, three basketball and volleyball courts and a perimeter walking track, all on a multipurpose floor. The ceremony, held at the beginning of the Spring 2023 semester, provided the campus community an opportunity to tour the facility, enjoy refreshments and participate in basketball, archery tag and pickleball.

Dylan Curry, a criminal justice student who attended the ceremony, was excited to take advantage of all that the building has to offer, from the multiple basketball courts to the “comfortable and cozy” lounge areas.

“This gives students relief and a calming area,” Curry said. “As fun and energetic as it is, it’s also a place to relax.”

The facility also is the new home for Morrisville’s commencement, which was held there this past May.

Natalia Clarke ’23, the outgoing president of SUNY Morrisville’s Student Government Organization,  provided opening remarks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside President Rogers.

“It’s exciting to see a building where everyone can come together and create more community ties,” Clarke, who graduated with a degree in criminal justice, said at the ribbon cutting.

In addition to commencement, the Student Recreation Center also hosts recreational sports, concerts, dances and numerous campus events throughout the academic year.

Students attend Commencement at the new student recreation center.
Norwich Campus Wellness Center

Norwich Campus Wellness Center

The new Student Wellness Center at the Norwich Campus provides a centralized space where students can decompress, respond to and manage stress, address topics related to health and wellbeing, and connect with peers in a constructive way.

Norwich human services students Samantha Musk, Angelina Audette and Aubrey Root, who all played a major role in the creation and implementation of the Wellness Center through a survey of Norwich Campus students, have noticed the immediate impact it has made.

“It has helped tremendously, both mentally and academically,” Musk said. “It’s a really nice place to relax.”

The Wellness Center allows students to utilize health and wellness resources, participate in wellbeing workshops, engage with other students, participate in hands-on activities for their wellness, and experience and practice self-care skills.

“It has had a tremendous impact on the whole campus,” Audette said. “Nursing students can go there between classes and clinicals. And the massage chairs are popular.”

The atmosphere is purposely designed to emulate comfortable surroundings, with a fireplace and oversized beanbag chairs.

Mustang Lounge

STUAC Mustang Lounge

The new Mustang Lounge – named by current Morrisville students – is a renovated space located in the lobby of the Student Activities Center (STUAC). The area offers comfortable lounge seating and table seating, where students can sit and enjoy a coffee or treat from STUAC’s Smooth Jazzy Joz café or a dining order from Mustang Alley.

Esports Tournament Venue

Esports Tournament Venue

The SUNY Morrisville Charlton Hall lecture classroom has transformed into an updated pit classroom, outfitted with extras that allow it to be used as an Esports tournament venue.

Added amenities include extra HDMI connectors for sharing consoles and PCs to the big screen, extra power outlets to support the higher-wattage needs of a gaming PC, 12 hard-wired internet ports for faster internet connections and shoutcasting through control over screens along with microphones to carry their sound.

The large lecture hall also provides plenty of room in an arena/theatre formation for spectators and lighting customization for a comfortable viewing and gaming experience.

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