Restricted movement lifted for Commons 1, West, and Oneida; still in place for Commons 2; Onondaga Hall added

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5:15 p.m.
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All testing samples collected last week (Oct. 12-16) for both wastewater and pooled saliva testing for COVID-19 have been received.

A clarification about restricted movement is published online, and the Office of the Provost will soon send an update to faculty as well.

Two pooled saliva tests from student samples came back positive, and reflex testing confirmed two individuals with positive tests. Those individuals are now in mandatory isolation.

Employee samples all came back negative.

Wastewater samples collected from Oct. 15 received results today. The virus is still at quantifiable levels in the central plant and in some residence halls.

Thanks to the compliance of students participating in follow-up testing, we can lift the restricted movement from Commons 1, West Hall and Oneida Hall. Those residents can resume their normal activities, following guidelines to wear face coverings, maintain physical distance and refrain from gathering in groups.

Commons 2 remains in restricted movement until all residents have participated in follow-up pooled testing (planned for Wednesday in the building). We now also are placing Onondaga Hall in restricted movement until all its residents complete follow-up pooled testing. Students soon will receive more details about participating this week. Regularly scheduled testing for Tuesday and Wednesday in Hamilton Hall will also proceed.

Daily updates on the college’s COVID-19 testing, quarantine, isolation and other data are available through the SUNY COVID-19 Tracker dashboard webpage. The SUNY COVID-19 Tracker reports data in a fixed 14-day window, with the current window starting Oct. 10. The college posts its latest wastewater data on its own webpage.

Among our students, we know nine are currently positive. Three of those students are isolating on our campus, while six are isolating off campus. We have a total of 56 students in mandatory quarantine, with 29 using quarantine rooms in South Hall or Commons.

If you are a student with questions about your health, please contact the Student Health Center. Employees should contact their primary health care provider. For questions or concerns about staying home from work, please contact your supervisor and Human Resources.

If you have questions about conduct, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If you have other COVID-19-related questions or concerns, please use our online form.