SUNY Morrisville students named to Spring 2022 President's List and Dean's List

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SUNY Morrisville recently announced the President's List and Dean's List honorees for the Spring 2022 semester.

Congratulations to the following students who were named to the SUNY Morrisville President’s List for the Spring 2022 semester (listed alphabetically by last name):

First Name Last Name Major
Abdullahi Abukar Network Administration
Eden Adler Renewable Energy - BT
Veronika Alinskas Equine Science - BT
Sarah Allen Hospitality Management BBA
Jennifer Angelo Business Administration - AAS
Erin Armitage Agricultural Business
Nichole Austin Associate Degree Nursing
Isabelle Battisti Equine Science - BT
Carly Beckwith Equine Science - BT
Laura Bedell Business Administration - BBA
Clara Rose Benham Equine Science - BT
Abbigail Bilow Massage Therapy
Donald Bowles Applications Software - BT
Taylor Brandofino Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Casper Brazeau Criminal Justice - BTech
Aaliyah Browne Criminal Justice - BTech
Olivia Brownell Applications Software - BT
Sierra Buhnai Bachelor Degree Nursing
Rachel Cali Applied Psychology - BS
Justine Cammer Architectural Studies & Design
Sullivan Carreira Horticulture
Charles Carrier Horticulture
Marissa Chierchio Criminal Justice - BTech
Dominique Codiroli Applied Psychology - BS
Kaitlyn Congel Applied Psychology - BS
Lisa Cummings Applied Psychology - BS
David DeNoble Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Samantha Dolan Equine Science - BT
Anastasia Edwards Renewable Energy - BT
Tyler Elmore Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
Meretta Everson Associate Degree Nursing
Elizabeth Fox Culinary Arts Management
Steven Frerichs Renewable Energy - BT
Katlyne Gad Business Administration - BBA
Tyler Gaines Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Stephen Gerbis Business Administration - BBA
Hallee Glair Equine Science - BT
Elizabeth Gramzow Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Scott Griffin Mechanical Engineering Tech
Isaac Haar Animal Science - Dairy
Peter Hale Mechanical Engineering Tech
Meghan Hall Hospitality Management BBA
Richard Hartt Mechanical Engineering Tech
Haley Henry Health-Related Studies
Liana Ho Equine Science - BT
Madison Holden Cook Equine Science - BT
Ryan Howard Network Administration
Daniel Johnson Journalism&Comm.Online Media
Kendra Johnston Criminal Justice - BTech
Mikayla Jones Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Ashley Kicak Equine Science - BT
Jordan Kirkland Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jordan Klein Applied Psychology - BS
Dante Kraft Architectural Studies & Design
First Name Last Name Major
Hannah Lawrence Individual Studies
Benjamin Lindberg Business Administration - BBA
Kate Mabey Human Performance & Health Promotion AS
Heather Marvin Individual Studies
Kayla Matheson-Snagg Applied Psychology - BS
Josely Medina Criminal Justice - BTech
Alec Musacchio Criminal Justice - BTech
Scarlett Newman Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Lauryn Nicholson Applied Psychology - BS
Michael Oduro Automotive Technology - BT
Bridget Olivant Animal Science - Equine Science & Management
Nicholas O'Neill Individual Studies
Alana Palameta Criminal Justice - BTech
Josh Parker Network Administration
Myles Pearlstein Network Administration
Stephen Port Horticultural Business Management - BT
Angela Pratt Equine Science - BT
Gwyneth Pritchard Human Performance & Health Promotion AS
Taylor Proctor Applied Psychology - BS
Gwen Proper Massage Therapy
Claire-Louise Raes Equine Science - BT
Rebecca Randall Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Cuyler Reynolds Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Benjamin Robbins Network Administration
David Rossello Computer Information Systems (AS)
Ethan Rounds Renewable Energy - BT
Geena Ryan Business Administration - AAS
Dylan Strzyzowski Individual Studies
Thomas Scalzo Business Administration - BBA
John Scheuerman Business Administration - AAS
Jack Shurmer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jacob Smith Architectural Studies & Design
Emma Smith Equine Science - BT
Brooke Steigerwald Business Administration - AAS
Jonathon Stockton Human Services
Ronald Teekasingh Individual Studies
Paul Tocci Automotive Management -  BBA
Grace Van Gorder Equine Science - BT
Jade Whitney Associate Degree Nursing
Lauren Wight Agricultural Business Development - BBA
Chelsie Williams Individual Studies
Faith Woody Equine Science - BT
Qibai Zhou Undeclared

Congratulations to the following students who were named to the SUNY Morrisville Dean's List for the Spring 2022 semester (listed alphabetically by last name):

First Name Last Name Major
Curtis Abbott Business Administration - AS
Kierston Abrams Massage Therapy
Veronica Acevedo Barrera Criminal Justice - BTech
Emily Acey Associate Degree Nursing
Emma Adsit Individual Studies
Kofi Agyepong Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alexis Aldrich Individual Studies
Jennifer Alexander Hospitality Management BBA
Maggie Allen Equine Science - BT
Seranda Allen Associate Degree Nursing
Emma Alton Ag Business Development - BBA
Princess Amponsah Individual Studies
Anjae Anderson Automotive Technology - BT
Kara Anderson Associate Degree Nursing
Ralph Andre Criminal Justice - BTech
Nicole Andrewski Associate Degree Nursing
Adrianna Angotti Equine Science - BT
Gabriella Armenti Bachelor Degree Nursing
Patrick Armstrong Diesel Technology - AOS
Noah Armstrong Criminal Justice - BTech
Stormi Arnold Human Services
Jade Atherton Agricultural Science
Jermaine Atkinson Automotive Technology - BT
Marissa Austin Healthcare Office Coordinator
Abigail Avery Health Related Studies
Patrick Awald Diesel Technology - AOS
Karl Backman Automotive Technology
Nimatoulaye Bah Applied Psychology - BS
Brandi Bakalik Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Marshall Baker Agricultural Business
Abraham Barahmeh End User Support - BT
Mateo Barahona Business Administration - AAS
Tyler Baran Autobody Technology - AAS
Alanna Barnes Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Kayla Barry Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Gillian Barry Dairy Management - BT
Scott Barton Automotive Technology - BT
Wittlinger Bates Aquaculture & Aquatic Science
Chino Beach Applications Software - BT
Dezia Becker Business Administration - AAS
Kazlin Beers Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Kiana Bell Individual Studies
Caitlin Bennett Business Administration - BBA
Megan Bernard Individual Studies
Marcos Bico Mbasogo Ag Business Development - BBA
Gideon Bimpey Criminal Justice - BTech
Zacariah Bingham Automotive Technology
Lucas Birdsall Automotive Technology - BT
Octavia Bishop Associate Degree Nursing
David Blake Huffman Automotive Technology - BT
Gary Blanchard Automotive Technology
Mitchell Bliss Business Administration - BBA
Priscilla Boateng Individual Studies
Nikolas Boibeaux Horticulture
Christy Bonacci Business Administration - AAS
Yasmeen Booker Network Administration
Miranda Bookman Criminal Justice - BTech
Allicen Bouchard Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Daniel Brandhorst Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Caleb Brazeau Applications Software - BT
Soren Bredeson Individual Studies
Jon Brennen Technology Management - BT
Josey Brewer Equine Science - BT
Brandon Breyette Culinary Arts Management
Hannah Brigham Applied Psychology - BS
Alek Britten Individual Studies
Clifford Budney Diesel Technology - AOS
Heather Buell Individual Studies
Anaiah Bunche Culinary Arts Management
William Burns Automotive Management -  BBA
Christopher Bustamante Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Caitlin Camp Equine Science - BT
Alexandra Campbell Business Administration - AAS
Tamara Canelli Applied Psychology - BS
Christina Carr Associate Degree Nursing
Jonmichael Casey Journalism&Comm.Online Media
Rachel Champney Ag Business Development - BBA
Yiding Cheng Undeclared
Paul Chironna Automotive Technology - BT
Haley Christie Dairy Management - BT
Elyse Cianfarani Equine Science - BT
Alyson Ciarametaro Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Giovanni Cinquanti Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Kory Clapp Individual Studies
Cameron Clark Business Administration - BBA
Arianna Cochran Perryman Applied Psychology - BS
Samantha Coggins Healthcare Office Coordinator
Owen Cole Residential Construction - AOS
Isaac Colella Criminal Justice - BTech
Taylor Colone-Microni Criminal Justice - BTech
Joshua Conrad Agricultural Engineering
Crystal Corbett Ag Business Development - BBA
Terri Courtney Applied Psychology - BS
Ethan Covert Agricultural Science
Nikki Coyne Associate Degree Nursing
Kelly Crane Architectural Studies & Design
Ashley Craver Applied Psychology - BS
Ryan Creenan Business Administration - AS
Hannah Crofutt Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Elise Cuffe Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Cody Cumber Network Administration
Cameryn Cummings Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Dylan Curry Criminal Justice - BTech
Morgan Curry Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Monica Cutler Criminal Justice - BTech
Faith Dagner Individual Studies
Michaela Dahlem Associate Degree Nursing
Brennan Dailey Ag Business Development - BBA
Nina Danno Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Isaac Danso Network Administration
Allie Davidson Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Deidree Davis Hospitality Management BBA
Rachel Davis Applied Psychology - BS
Rachael Davis Associate Degree Nursing
Olivia DeCapua Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Ashley Delgado Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Yingtong Deng Undeclared
Samuel DePasquale Business Administration - BBA
Kelvin Diaz Criminal Justice - BTech
Tiffany DiCenzo Applied Psychology - BS
Lucy Dixon Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Jason Doemling Automotive Management -  BBA
Jack Doemling Automotive Management -  BBA
Grace Doherty Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Jozlyn Dolan Individual Studies
Kathryn Dolan Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Brett Donohue Automotive Technology
Nathan Dorme Business Administration - BBA
Chris Dorner Automotive Technology - BT
Ibrahim Drame Individual Studies
Stacie Draper Associate Degree Nursing
Aurora Drumm Business Administration - AAS
Luke Dubben Business Administration - BBA
Ian Dugan Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Rita Dziedzic Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Hailee Easson LA & Sci -Humanities & Soc Sci
Olivia Eastman Individual Studies
Lindsey Eberle Equine Science - BT
Isabella Ecker Equine Science - BT
Darion Edwards Individual Studies
Andrew Eggleston Natural Resources Conservation
Courtney Eiholzer Business Administration - AAS
Hadja Elias Individual Studies
Chandley Elie Business Administration - BBA
Janelle Ellerbe Criminal Justice - BTech
Abigail Elwood Human Services
Nadia Endulovski Equine Science - BT
Victoria Epstein Equine Science - BT
GraceAnn Erlenback Associate Degree Nursing
GraceAnn Erlenback Associate Degree Nursing
Jaime Evans Associate Degree Nursing
Alexandra Everard Individual Studies
Tyler Fairbairn Associate Degree Nursing
Margaret Fall Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
James Farmer-Valente Residential Construction - AOS
Thomas Faticone Automotive Technology - BT
Kehinde Fayemi Applied Psychology - BS
Elias Fischman Wood Products Technology
Ethan Fitzgerald Natural Resources Conservation
James Flannery Automotive Technology - BT
Daija Fleming Individual Studies
Steven Ford Business Administration - AAS
Graycee Forrest Individual Studies
Daniel Foss Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Logan Fournier Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Emily Frazier Ag Business Development - BBA
Patrick Freije Criminal Justice - BTech
Brett Fuhrmann Business Administration - AAS
Darrius Fulton Individual Studies
Julia Furman Hospitality Management BBA
Wayne Furner Renewable Energy - BT
Victor Gamarra Business Administration - BBA
Alexis Gambacorto Horticulture
Jack Gardiner Automotive Technology - BT
Nia Garrett Criminal Justice - BTech
Cassandra Gates Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Gavin Gates Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Brittani Gauthier Associate Degree Nursing
Deana George Engineering Science AS
Chelsea George Healthcare Office Coordinator
Breanna Gerow Associate Degree Nursing
Julianna Giacobbo Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Michael Giglio Renewable Energy - BT
Zariya Glover Business Administration - AS
Hannah Godfrey Individual Studies
Kirsten Grabow Associate Degree Nursing
Trevor Grasby Business Administration - AS
Karrigan Gregory Criminal Justice - BTech
Joshua Griffin-Betsinger Diesel Technology - AOS
Aurora Haines Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Mathieu Hajdasz Agricultural Engineering
Emma Haley Associate Degree Nursing
Tiana Hall Journalism&Comm.Online Media
Brendan Hall Criminal Justice - BTech
Max Hall Automotive Technology - BT
Hayley Halstrom Associate Degree Nursing
Brookelyn Hanley Criminal Justice - BTech
Alyssa Harding Associate Degree Nursing
Deasjia Harris Criminal Justice - BTech
James Harris Business Administration - AS
Jacob Hartnett Renewable Energy - BT
Austin Hartzog Automotive Technology
Colin Haven Network Administration
Makayla Haven Equine Science - BT
Emma Hayman Equine Science - BT
Jenna Head Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Maggie Herbert Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Jonathan Hernandez Business Administration - AAS
Nicole Hickel Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Kayla Hickey Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Adrianna Hinckley Equine Science - BT
Miriam Hoelscher Ag Business Development - BBA
Haleigh Holliday Equine Science - BT
Megan Holloway Equine Science - BT
Noah Holm Culinary Arts Management
Nathan Honour Applications Software - BT
Dustin Hopler Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nathan Horowitz Individual Studies
Steven Houck Associate Degree Nursing
Aiden Houseman Business Administration - BBA
Erin Howard Business Administration - AAS
Stephen Hughes Renewable Energy Technology
Callum Hutchins Dairy Management - BT
Alyson Hyatt Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Zachary Hydo Automotive Technology - BT
Daniel Hynes Individual Studies
Niko Ingle Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Lilo Starr Aquaculture & Aquatic Science
Jonathan Jankowski Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Alyssa Janney Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Amelia Jaworski Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Ed-Son Al Jean Baptiste Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Nathan Johnson Automotive Technology - BT
Jesse Johnson Individual Studies
Shawn Johnson Automotive Technology - BT
Sarah Johnson Equine Science - BT
Darren Johnson Natural Resources Conservation
Kyria Jones Applied Psychology - BS
James Jones Individual Studies
Abin Joseph Automotive Technology - BT
Madalyn Jukus Business Administration - BBA
Greta Jung Equine Science - BT
Kendal Kalinowski Health Related Studies
Jason Kantor Renewable Energy Technology
Brenna Keller Ag Business Development - BBA
David Kelley Individual Studies
Magenta Kennedy Horticulture
Margaret Kianka Bachelor Degree Nursing
Michael Kibbe Renewable Energy - BT
Kennedy Kirkby LA & Sci -Humanities & Soc Sci
Evan Kistner Technology Management - BT
Sadie Klumpp Ag Business Development - BBA
Stacy Kobler Associate Degree Nursing
Katy Koehne Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Kristen Komorowski Individual Studies
Chloe Kordyjak Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Kayla Koval Equine Science - BT
Hunter Kowaleski Criminal Justice - BTech
Christina Kowalski Associate Degree Nursing
Sandor Kozma Automotive Technology - BT
Brendan Krawczyk Individual Studies
Jamie Krenzer Agricultural Science
Melissa Kruppenbacher Associate Degree Nursing
Ku Ku Criminal Justice - BTech
Devin Kuhn Dairy Management - BT
Lawrence Kuma Individual Studies
Jerry LaFountaine Renewable Energy - BT
Hannah Lake Architectural Studies & Design
Dylan Laplace Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Andrew LaRock Natural Resources Conservation
Jacob LaRocque Residential Construction - AOS
First Name Last Name Major
Wendy Leboffe Associate Degree Nursing
Nicole Legacy Bachelor Degree Nursing
Alissa Lenis Business Administration - BBA
Andrea Lince Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Linscott Horticulture
Aryam Liz Individual Studies
Madison Lockwood Culinary Arts Management
Jonnathan Loja Morocho Automotive Technology - BT
Alexander Lopez Applied Psychology - BS
Laura Lorraine Applied Psychology - BS
Kayla Lottermann Individual Studies
Jahvon Loucks Business Administration - BBA
Spencer Lucas Automotive Technology - BT
Caleb Lucero Business Administration - BBA
Jennifer Lumarque Applied Psychology - BS
Sarah Lutz Individual Studies
Taliyah Maddox-Lovett Individual Studies
Taylor Manwarren Applied Psychology - BS
Kailee Marciano Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Jon Marecek Automotive Technology
Thomas Markert Criminal Justice - BTech
Madison Marsh Horticulture
Kimberly Martin Criminal Justice - BTech
Hannah Martin Criminal Justice - BTech
Paige Martin Equine Science - BT
Molly Martin-Bauer Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Gabrielle Massaroni Equine Science - BT
Brian Matthews End User Support - BT
Tessa Matthews Horticulture
Denise Mazzeo Associate Degree Nursing
Dylan McBride Renewable Energy - BT
Porsha McDonald Associate Degree Nursing
Alana McDonald Associate Degree Nursing
Ryan McGrath Individual Studies
Lillian McGraw Equine Science - BT
Elena Mckillop Equine Science - BT
Conor McLoughlin Individual Studies
Alaina Meath Individual Studies
Joseph Medina Criminal Justice - BTech
Marina Megson Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Eric Melso Business Administration - BBA
Kaylee Meyers Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Meadow Meyers Equine Science - BT
Lisa Miedema Bachelor Degree Nursing
Brice Miller Computer Info Systems (AAS)
Michelle Miller Associate Degree Nursing
Meaghan Miller Applied Psychology - BS
Joseph Miller-Labar Business Administration - BBA
Abigail Minturn Ag Business Development - BBA
Anastasia Mitchell Human Services
Nicholas Modelewski Natural Resources Conservation
Zoe Montgomery Applied Psychology - BS
Siobhan Moore Equine Science - BT
Matthew Moreau Automotive Technology - BT
Kathryn Morgan Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Jennifer Morton Individual Studies
Christopher Mott Criminal Justice - BTech
Tucker Mucha Criminal Justice - BTech
Jamison Muckstadt Automotive Technology - BT
Mary Mullin Associate Degree Nursing
Corrina Mundy Business Administration - AAS
Samantha Musk Human Services
Daniel Nathan Automotive Technology - BT
Elizabeth Newell Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Maddison Newton Individual Studies
Makenna Nial Individual Studies
Mackenzie Nichols Individual Studies
Kateline Nicolas Criminal Justice - BTech
Seven Six Two Nine Automotive Technology
Ty Nolan Renewable Energy - BT
Abigayle Noonan Equine Science - BT
Lane Oakes Animal Science - Dairy
Zachariah O'Connor Network Administration
Kyli Odell Associate Degree Nursing
Harley O'Leary Equine Science - BT
Giovanny Oliver-Oquendo Applied Psychology - BS
Timothy O'Meara LA & Sci -Humanities & Soc Sci
Bryant O'Meara Diesel Equipment Technology
Amanda Oquendo Associate Degree Nursing
Leonela Orozco Applied Psychology - BS
Lily Orth Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Jared Ortlieb Natural Resources Conservation
Andrew Osier Ag Business Development - BBA
Charles Paeglow Business Administration - BBA
Stuart Palmer Automotive Technology - BT
Josiah Palumbo Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Brianna Pantale Individual Studies
Jennifer Parmeter Applied Psychology - BS
Michael Parsons End User Support - BT
Kyle Patterson Automotive Technology - BT
Julia Paulisczak Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Melaney Peacock Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Emma Petricca Equine Science - BT
Gianna Piazza Equine Science - BT
Christopher Platt Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Emma Plett Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Carli Potter Equine Science - BT
Ryan Proce Automotive Technology - BT
Ciara Putman Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Basit Qazi Automotive Technology - BT
Caroline Ramme Equine Science - BT
Nikko Recchio Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Elizabeth Redenback Associate Degree Nursing
Justin Redivivo Horticulture
Dylan Rees Technology Management - BT
JoAnna Regatuso Equine Science - BT
Victoria Reichard Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Salena Reinhardt Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Meghan Reiter Associate Degree Nursing
Erica Remington Associate Degree Nursing
Ariana Reseau Criminal Justice - BTech
Phoenix Rice Individual Studies
Keeley Riley Computer Info Systems (AAS)
Kearstin Roach Individual Studies
Bromwell Roache Technology Management - BT
Justin Roberts Architectural Studies & Design
Joshua Rogers LA & Sci -Humanities & Soc Sci
Kamryn Roher Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Aubrey Root Human Services
Messie Roswell Automotive Technology
Melanie Rott Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Jorsan St G Rowe Technology Management - BT
Michaline Rubas Associate Degree Nursing
Steven Ruoff Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Rylee Ruquet Business Administration - AAS
Jordan Ruscher Business Administration - AAS
Jasmina Sabic Bachelor Degree Nursing
Ryan Saffioti Wood Products Technology
Anna Salamino Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Jaylen Salley Automotive Technology - BT
Evan Salvaggio Renewable Energy - BT
Nicholas Salvione Horticulture
Abdoul Samake Applied Psychology - BS
Emanuel Santana Automotive Management -  BBA
Gabriel Santiago Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Maria Santilli Individual Studies
Makenzi Marie Santini Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Courtney Sarlouis Ag Business Development - BBA
Keenan Satterlee Residential Construction - AOS
James Sayles Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Lauren Schampier Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Mikaela Schneider Ag Business Development - BBA
Gabrielle Schug Associate Degree Nursing
Vanessa Servo Individual Studies
Brooke Severin Agricultural Business
Lori Sheldon Individual Studies
Aidan Shur Automotive Technology - BT
Jared Shurtleff Applications Software - BT
Rachel Siedsma LA & Sci -Humanities & Soc Sci
Austin Simko Individual Studies
Keanna Simms Applied Psychology - BS
Rachel Slentz Associate Degree Nursing
Amaya Small Applied Psychology - BS
Justin Smith Business Administration - AS
Sarah Smith Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Caleb Smith Autobody Technology - AAS
Amelia Smith Equine Science - BT
Sabrina Sochia Associate Degree Nursing
Kaleb Sovocool Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Sowle Renewable Energy - BT
Dakota Spencer Hospitality Management BBA
Kaleigh Spencer Associate Degree Nursing
Benjamin Sprague Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Brianna Spriggs Criminal Justice - BTech
Barry Spriggs Residential Construction - AOS
Kyle Stack Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Hannah Staiger Associate Degree Nursing
Sarah Stannard Associate Degree Nursing
Casey Stapleton Associate Degree Nursing
Steven Stearns Computer Info Systems (AAS)
Arieanna Stevens Applied Psychology - BS
Thomas Stokes Agricultural Engineering
Gregory Strohmeyer Automotive Technology - BT
Ian Summerville Agricultural Science
Dana Sweet Associate Degree Nursing
Vincent Swinnich Automotive Management -  BBA
Brooke Symonds Associate Degree Nursing
Blythe Tamez Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Hannah Taylor Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Tenia Taylor Videojournalism
Cassidy Taylor Horticulture
Destiny Teachout Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Gabriel Teeter Wood Products Technology
Karlie Telford Individual Studies
Tiana Terry Applied Psychology - BS
Michael Theobald Agricultural Science
Myshaun Thomas Business Administration - BBA
Vivian Thurston Associate Degree Nursing
Elizabeth Timby Criminal Justice - BTech
Liam Tobin Mechanical Engineering Tech
Madison Tomkins Human Perfr & Health Promo AS
Anna Torres Massage Therapy
Sawyer Toscano Culinary Arts Management
Michaela Totman Equine Science - BT
Angela Touchette Agricultural Business
Fanta Toure Individual Studies
Mamadou Toure Applied Psychology - BS
Damien Trotto Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Savanna Tucker Applied Psychology - BS
Caleb Turner Applications Software - BT
Aydyn Tweedie Horticulture
Montana Tyler Equine Science - BT
Jenna Ubner Individual Studies
Thomas Ulbrich Criminal Justice - BTech
Savannah Vance Equine Science - BT
Abbygail VandeWalker Natural Resources Conservation
Matthew Vanheusen Associate Degree Nursing
Camberly Vanvalkenburg Environmental & Nat. Res. Mgt.
Amber Vega Applied Psychology - BS
Delimar Vega-Haley Applied Psychology - BS
Sam Verdile Horticulture
Rachel Vieira Applied Psychology - BS
Arnela Vincevic Associate Degree Nursing
Alex Vohid Automotive Technology
Allison Volles Ag Business Development - BBA
Lauren Volles Animal Science - Dairy
Alexander Vroman Associate Degree Nursing
Kyle Wadden Renewable Energy - BT
Cara Walker Animal Science - Dairy
Carrie Walston Ag Business Development - BBA
Brianna Walter Automotive Technology - BT
Margaret Wansor Associate Degree Nursing
Benjamin Warner Individual Studies
Ksenia Warren Animal Sci - Equine Sci & Mgt
Paige Warren Agricultural Business
Ethan Waterman Individual Studies
Ethan Waterman Individual Studies
Basil Watson Criminal Justice - BTech
Ashlee Watson Associate Degree Nursing
Emily Weeks Associate Degree Nursing
Naftalia Weindling Equine Science - BT
Stanley Welsh Residential Construction - AOS
Grant Wessels Criminal Justice - BTech
Julia West Equine Science - BT
Kayla Wevodau Horticulture
Marykathryn Weyant Criminal Justice - BTech
Seth Whitbeck Culinary Arts Management
Hunter White Natural Resources Conservation
Crystal Whitted Individual Studies
Torri Wiggerton Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Jenna Wilbur Ag Business Development - BBA
Zachary Wilcox Individual Studies
Carter Wilkins Agricultural Engineering
Alisha Williams Applied Psychology - BS
Joshua Williams Applied Psychology - BS
Jada Williams Individual Studies
Akindae Williams Business Administration - BBA
Naike Williams Individual Studies
Anthony Wilson Human Perfrm & Health Promo BS
Karol Wilson James Associate Degree Nursing
Cassidy Winchell Individual Studies
Scott Wood Individual Studies
Nicole Wood Associate Degree Nursing
Alexander Woods Applications Software - BT
Collin Worthington Automotive Management -  BBA
Steven Zavala Individual Studies
Alexis Zawadzki Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Emily Zehnder Animal Science - Dairy
Matthew Zeno Horticultural Business Mgmt-BT
Zheng Zhang Network Administration
Braeden Zimmerman Autobody Technology - AAS
Aboubakar Zongo Computer Info Systems (AAS)
Mikayla Zotta Business Administration - BBA
Anela Zukic Associate Degree Nursing