Active Shooter

Shelter in Place

  • University Police will report to designated areas
  • Everyone remain in current room
  • Halls cleared – Go to the nearest supervised room
  • Lock doors
  • Continue normal classroom activity, BUT no one leaves the room until the code is cleared by the University Police. Listen for specific information and/or directions regarding the emergency (example- remain silent; check your email, etc.)

Lock Out

  • University Police will report to designated areas
  • Lock all exterior doors and verify all windows are locked
  • Terminate all outside activities
  • Entry to the building may be gained only on a one-on-one basis, and only through the main entrance. This applies to all staff, students, and community. (Please note that upon the directive of the Chief of Police the exterior doors may not open to anyone who is not already inside the building.
  • Classroom activities continue as normal. A lockout continues until the code is cleared by the University Police.


  • EVACUATION announced. University Police will report to designated area
  1. Stop all activities and listen for directions via announcement
  2. Give directions to students as directed by administration
  3. Cell phone use is not allowed unless ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY
  • EXIT according to evacuation procedure
  1. In an emergency, certain exits may be impassable
  2. Proceed to evacuation location AS DIRECTED
  3. Maintain control of all students in your care
  4. Watch for students who may stray
  • STUDENTS should remain silent at all times
  • ATTENDANCE must be taken before leaving and again at the evacuation site
  • LISTEN for further directions for re-entry or OFF-SITE evacuation

Lock Down

  • IMMEDIATELY gather students from the hallways and restrooms into the nearest classroom or office
  • Lock your classroom doors and move away from windows and doors- stay out of sight
  • Leave all lights off
  • NO ONE is to enter or leave your secured area under ANY circumstances
  • DO NOT answer or communicate through your locked door
  • DO NOT respond to a FIRE ALARM unless IMMINENT signs of fire are OBSERVED by YOU
  • Keep Quiet. Do not talk within your secured area Accept only as absolutely necessary
  • IGNORE PA SYSTEM after the code is called. DO NOT respond to the intercom or other announcements
  • Take attendance- Include all people in your room. Missing student(s) last known location should be noted.
  • Lockdown will end ONLY when you are physically released from your room by law enforcement.

***Failure to follow the above could comprise your safety and the safety of secured areas***