Fire Safety

The University Police Department at SUNY Morrisville has personnel on 24-hour duty to respond to any emergency, including fires. When a fire alarm sounds, the Morrisville Fire Department also is called to the scene to assist.

SUNY Morrisville University Police work in unison with the college’s Environmental Health & Safety Officer and the Village of Morrisville Fire Department to: 1) prevent fires; 2) detect and extinguish fires; 3) investigate the cause of fires; and 4) maintain and improve firefighting equipment and procedures.

University Police also helps educate the campus community about fire hazards and prevention. To request a presentation, please call 315.684.6410.

Preventing Fires

Fire prevention and safety programs are provided by various areas of the college. They include:

• Fire drills (Environmental Health & Safety)

• Inspection and maintenance of fire-detection and firefighting equipment (University Police, Environmental Health & Safety and Morrisville Fire Department)

• Presentations, videos and seminars to students and employees (University Police)

• Routine checks of firefighting equipment (patrols by University Police)

Preventing Fire-Related Crimes

The following activities are illegal:

• Causing a false alarm

• Maliciously activating a building fire alarm system

• Discharging a fire extinguisher mischievously

• Tampering with fire-detection and fire-prevention equipment (smoke detectors, sprinklers, etc.)

• Arson

Any student committing these crimes will be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Campus Judicial Process. Criminal charges also may be filed.

Instructions for when a Fire Alarm sounds

To best ensure the health and safety of yourself and those around you, please follow these instructions when a building fire alarm sounds:

  1. Leave the building immediately! Never assume that it is a false alarm.   
  2. Continue to evacuate the building, even if the alarm stops.
  3. Use the exit closest to you to evacuate. If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, heat or smoke, quickly locate another exit that is safe to use.
  4. ALWAYS use the stairs — Stairway fire doors will keep out fire and smoke if they are closed and will protect you until you get outside.
  5. NEVER use an elevator! If there is a power failure, you can become trapped inside.
  6. DO NOT go back into the building — A University Police officer or the Morrisville Fire Chief will provide clearance when it is safe to reenter the building.