Tutoring Center


The Tutoring Center is located in the center of the Morrisville Campus in the back left corner of the main level of Butcher Library. In addition to providing tutoring, the Tutoring Center also offers student workshops called Student Success Seminars (SSS). There is currently no out-of-pocket charge to utilize the Tutoring Center’s resources.

During Fall 2020, to protect the safety of students and staff, the Tutoring Center will not offer drop-in tutoring, except through NightOWL Online Tutoring, which is available 7 p.m.-midnight, Sundays through Thursdays, beginning August 26, for approximately 10 subject areas.  All of NightOWL’s session are one-to-one.

All other tutoring will be available only by appointment. Tutoring appointments can be booked through Starfish at least 48 hours in advance. These tutoring sessions may be one-to-one or small group sessions (but all sessions for writing assignment help will be one-to-one). Students may request face-to-face sessions in special circumstances; however, it may not be possible to fulfill such requests.

Tutoring is available in most subject areas taught at the campus. However, if students cannot find a tutor for a specific course through NightOWL, in Starfish, or on the tutoring schedule, then they should email TutoringCenter@morrisville.edu to request a tutor who can help with that class.

For additional questions about the Tutoring Center, please also visit our Policies & Procedures/FAQs page or email TutoringCenter@morrisville.edu .

Program Faculty/Staff

Director of Reading & Study Center
Professional Tutor
Professional Tutor
Accessibility Services Assistant, Adjunct Instructor, Professional Tutor
Professional Tutor
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