Renewable Energy Training Center


The SUNY Morrisville Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC) provides and hosts technical courses in renewable energy that address employer-identified skill gaps and needs. Over the past decade, the RETC has worked closely with employers, training providers, economic development partners, and K-12 schools to address long-term and short-term needs of New York State's renewable energy sector. These efforts have resulted in the development of comprehensive coursework (>20 renewable energy college courses) and two degree programs in Renewable Energy at SUNY Morrisville!

Individuals seeking continuing education in renewable energy can enroll in one or more renewable energy college courses by using the registration form from the Center for Lifelong Learning.

RETC short courses and college courses focus on a range of technical topics in renewable energy, including wind, solar, micro hydro, geothermal/heat pumps, bioenergy/biofuels, and tower climbing safety and rescue.

In addition to greatly improved facilities for college courses, our capacity to offer and host technical short courses/workshops will be enhanced with the completion of the new building in 2021-22.