Dairy drive-thru is subject of award-winning article

Published date
10 a.m.

Our successful dairy drive-thru events have been recognized statewide and are the subject of an award-winning article in the weekly ag publication, Country Folks. The article was written by Troy Bishopp, who attended SUNY Morrisville.

See the article here: https://countryfolks.com/mustang-power-delivers-dairy-products-to-thankful-community/?fbclid=IwAR34RRfAEHFGph58QNyVOUhTq-21U8_uxWNhyOV9xQwZaYKKfTEMUGs-ZUA

Despite inclement weather, nothing stopped five drive-thru events, which were held during April and May and served more than 2,600 vehicles.

Patrons, who remained in their cars, received one pre-packaged bag of dairy items and milk. Proper physical distancing, safety and public health hygiene practices were adhered to throughout the event.  

Dairy drive-thru tallies

o String cheese – 192 cases (2,304 packages/27,648 cheese sticks)
o Chobani yogurt – 5 truckloads
o Eggs – 1,400 dozen
o Milk – 5,700 gallons
o Butter – 1,734 pounds
o Cheese curd – 1,600 containers
o Block cheese –1,750 pounds
o Sour cream – 2 tons