See SUNY Morrisville at The Great New York State Fair with horses, live fish and aquaponics!

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8:30 a.m.

SUNY Morrisville can be spotted throughout this year’s Great New York State Fair, which runs Wednesday, Aug. 23-Monday, Sept. 4.

Visit SUNY Morrisville at: 

•    Horticulture and FFA buildings

o    Live aquaponics fish display 

•    Ag Career Day, Thursday, Aug. 24. outside of Horticulture Building 

•    Dairy judging team in dairy barn, Thursday, Aug. 31 

•    Dairy Club students on night watch at the Birthing Center, Monday, Aug. 28-Saturday, Sept. 2 

•    Belgian Hitch competing Thursday, Aug. 31- Sunday, Sept. 3 (SUNY Morrisville is the only college in North America to compete with a six-horse hitch!)

•    Students and horses from our Western program doing shows for FFA and 4-H judging Sunday, Aug. 27, 9:30 a.m.-noon in the 4-H ring

•    Nelson Farms in the Horticulture Building Wednesday, Aug. 23 & Wednesday, Aug. 30

Learn more about the college at its FFA display and in the Horticulture Building, where faculty and staff  have information about the college’s exciting academic programs and answering questions and talking about the engaging, one-of-a-kind learning going on inside and outside of SUNY Morrisville classrooms.  

In the Horticulture Building, you can fish for a prize, score SUNY Morrisville swag and see some of the cool stuff going on in our programs, including an aquaponics display of agricultural research with live fish and vegetables! 

The aquaponics display showcases SUNY Morrisville’s work with community and urban gardens to incorporate aquaculture and aquaponics with support from New York Farm Viability Institute. The college offers training in aquaponics and aquaculture through microcredential programming and aquaculture degree programs. Aquaponics is the farming of fish and plants together and could be a useful system to bring protein to communities. 

Visit the Horticulture Building Wednesday Aug. 30, where Nelson Farms will be selling New York State food products, including SUNY Morrisville-made items. 

On Sunday, Aug. 27, 9:30 a.m.-noon, four equine students (and four horses) will be in the 4-H show ring, participating in performance halter, ranch reining and ranch horsemanship classes for 4-H and FFA students to judge for the competition.