Renewable Resources Technology B.Tech.

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Conserving the environment.

With the growing challenges to our natural environment come rising opportunities to protect it and supply our needs in a sustainable way.

If you value our natural resources and want to help sustain them, you’ll find the training to do so in SUNY Morrisville’s Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree program in renewable resources technology.

You can transfer into the program with an associate degree in the field, such as Morrisville’s Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in environmental & natural resources conservation or our Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in natural resources conservation.

Along with a strong curriculum that blends renewable resources education with business and communications courses, the program’s unique 15-credit, 600-hour internship requirement provides you with invaluable experience and professional contacts, and enhances your résumé.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for jobs in natural resources conservation, environmental science, environmental technology, wetland management, and aquaculture and aquatic science.

Enhance your college experience through the Outdoor Recreation Club (ORC), which provides a variety of fun and adventurous outdoor recreational activities.

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