On the bottom of the SUNY Morrisville website, there is a quick link to the Blackboard website. The Blackboard website includes information on logging into Blackboard. It is recommended to keep the Blackboard landing page as a bookmark on your browser. Here is a YouTube video to display these steps for you.

Students who are new to Blackboard could access the Blackboard Training for Students to learn the basic skills of Blackboard. You could find the link from Resource for Students, and the module on the homepage of Blackboard after you log in. All blackboard courses will have the link to Blackboard Training for Students on the menu.

You could contact the Open SUNY Help Desk. They will answer all your technical questions related to Blackboard such as how to submit my assignments. If you have questions on Blackboard course content, such as where my assignment is, you could contact your instructor(s). 

Technology Services uses a ticketing system to assist with our incoming calls and emails from customers who need help, as well as managing our ongoing projects. The system is designed to list all incoming tickets and sort them depending on what category of service or assistance is needed. This gives our department the opportunity to organize workloads better, as well as better identify more problematic areas and priorities. For more information or to submit a ticket, visit the Technology Services Ticket Page.

Web for Students accounts and PIN numbers cannot be changed at the Help Desk. Any issues regarding Web for Students accounts and PIN numbers must be handled by the Office of the Registrar.

These Web for Students Instructions include information on logging into Web for Students, viewing your class schedule, and changing or updating the Web for Students PIN.

Your password is set to expire every 6 months. It can be reset online or from your school issued laptop, when your laptop is connected to the SUNY Morrisville network. The password can be reset online via Web for Students by following these instructions.

If you continue to have issues please contact the SUNY Morrisville Help Desk for further assistance.

The SUNY Morrisville Schedulizer can assist you with finding the classes you need.

Right click on a blank spot on the desktop, click on New, and then click Shortcut. When the new window appears click on Browse, go to wherever the program or folder is and select it then click Open. Click Next, type a name for the shortcut and Click Finish.

For instructions on how to add a printer to your laptop or computer, review our tutorial on adding a printer in Windows.

All devices in resident halls need to connect to Mustang Resnet or Mustang Resnet IoT.

Network drives can be mapped in one of the following ways depending on if you have a Domain laptop or you are connecting using a laptop not on the domain:

For laptops issued by SUNY Morrisville: Mapping Network Drive for laptop on the SUNY Morrisville Domain

For laptops not issued by SUNY Morrisville: Mapping Network Drive for a laptop NOT on the SUNY Morrisville Domain

The Virtual Private Network or (VPN) is a connection that allows the user to connect to the campus network. This allows the user to access network drives like the U or W drive from home enabling them to save and access work that is stored on these drives. Sometimes the VPN may be necessary when attempting to use Microsoft Outlook.

Follow these instructions to install the VPN.

All laptops purchased from SUNY Morrisville will have the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, iTunes, VLC media player, and Lenovo Software. View the Current Year's Laptop Specs.

A computer virus or malware creates unwanted behavior on your laptop, sometimes in the form of pop-ups. Sometimes, other unwanted behavior occurs such as unresponsive windows. If you are experiencing similar symptoms on your laptop please stop by the Help Desk.

All students, faculty, and staff have access to their personal U and W drives where academic work can be saved. The U drive is used primarily for storing academic work while the W drive is used for saving web files.

Software can be installed at the Help Desk. Legal software that was purchased by the student can be installed with assistance from the Help Desk if needed. Other software needed for coursework may also be available at the Help Desk but this must be required by the faculty member instructing the course. Contact the Help Desk with any questions.

All SUNY Morrisville Students have access to Microsoft Office 365. Go to Office.com and log in using your SUNY Morrisville credentials.

Downloading media online is acceptable as long as it follows all guidelines within the Code of Conduct for SUNY Morrisville network use.
NOTE: Violators caught downloading materials illegally will have their network privileges revoked without warning.

For issues with cable TV visit the Housing Services webpage or contact the Campus Store at 315.684.6073


To get help with Thinkpad Laptops please visit the Tech Center Website.

We will need the following on a piece of paper:

  • Name
  • Return address (not a P.O. Box)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Description of problem
  • List of files/folders to be saved (We will try, but this is not always possible!)
  • Phone number to contact you at

Send it to:

Laptop Help Desk
063 Charlton Hall
SUNY Morrisville
Morrisville, NY 13408

All students who have purchased laptops through MAC MUST stop by the Help Desk to have the Morrisville settings removed from their system before they leave. The laptop must be paid in full.

Students who have their own laptops are more than welcome to come to the Help Desk. We can often help with questions, virus clean up, and other problems. We are not able to perform any hardware repairs if the computer was not purchased from MAC.

Laptop chargers that have been lost or damaged can be purchased at the Campus Store or online. Be sure to get the correct model charger designed to work with your laptop. The Campus Store does not carry chargers for all model laptops. If you’re not sure what to purchase, please check with the Help Desk.

Review the Online Help section of the Help Desk website for a solution.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact the Help Desk or stop into the during our normal business hours.

Fax services can be found in the Cyberlab Student Business Center in Charlton Hall.

Scanners can be found in Butcher Library and the Cyberlab Student Business Center.

The library has a number of technologies to borrow for in-house, overnight, and one-week loans. These include laptop computer, laptop and cell phone chargers, iPads, portable chargers, external DVD players, and headphones. A list of all technologies can be found on the library website.