Style Guide and Graphic Standards

Our brand identity is more than our logo. It’s a system of core elements and guiding principles that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that people will immediately recognize as Morrisville’s.

Graphic Standards Guide

This guidebook is designed to help all members of the campus community to better understand the college’s core symbols and their appropriate use.

College Logos

The Morrisville logo is the keystone of our visual identity, and its consistent use helps us establish a strong, recognizable brand. These logos serve as readily identifiable symbols that reinforce the SUNY Morrisville name and give a sense of unity to our publications, stationery, websites, merchandise, and other forms of communication.

Do not alter the logos in any way, other than proportional enlargement or reduction. The relationships between elements are pre-established. Do not enhance the logos in any way to create a special effect.

All versions of the diamond “M” logo should be discontinued, as should any other logos that use the name “Morrisville State College.”

Download our logos

Primary Logos

There are two options to choose from when applying our primary logo. The setting and audience is the determining factor.

The mustang and SUNY wordmark is the preferred option in most settings, especially with prospective student marketing.

The more formal logo, however, may be more suitable in situations where spelling out our State University of New York relationship is preferred or required.

Note: These logos should only be reproduced from authorized digital files. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate them yourself.

Secondary Logos

Our primary logos may not always be the best option in some applications or environments. Our secondary logos omit the mustang mark, resulting in a wordmark lock-up that conforms to smaller spaces.

Like our primary logos, the SUNY wordmark option is a clear statement of our name.

The arching wordmark, while including the full State University of New York name, has an arching Morrisville that complements our brand’s visual language.

Outside organizations asking to use the logo should be referred to the Office of Communications & Marketing.

For more logo specifications, view the graphic standards guide.

Athletics Logo

The Mustang Athletics logo is used only for publications, merchandise, and uniforms related to SUNY Morrisville's athletics program.

College Seal

In addition to our logo, Morrisville has an academic seal. The seal is designed to verify academic documents and should be used only for official purposes. The seal is not a logo, and should never be used as a substitute for the university logo.

Contact the Office of Communications & Marketing for approval to use the seal.

College Colors

Our color palette has three sets: primary, secondary, and tertiary, each with its own mix of colors. We lean heavily on the primary set, but use the supporting sets to build color schemes that are complementary and balanced.

Primary Colors

At least one of our primary colors should typically be present in any brand communication. The diligent and repeated use of these core colors will help make the Morrisville brand instantly recognizable.

Color Name Color Values Color Swatch
Dark Green PANTONE 3435
CMYK 100 0 81 66
HEX 00502f
RGB 0 80 47
Light Green PANTONE 7724
CMYK 82 0 67 11
HEX 00966C
RGB 0 150 108
Lime Green PANTONE 376
CMYK 54 0 100 0
HEX 84BD00
RGB 132 189 0

Secondary Colors

Our secondary palette supports the primary set by adding contrast or balance. These colors should be used more sparingly, only one or two at a time.

Color Name Color Values Color Swatch
Light Olive PANTONE 575
CMYK 60 28 92 9
HEX 718D45
RGB 113 141 69
Dark Olive PANTONE 574
CMYK 68 45 100 40
HEX 455425
RGB 69 84 37
Light Blue PANTONE 7700
CMYK 94 54 27 6
HEX 0E6890
RGB 14 104 144
Dark Blue PANTONE 302
CMYK 100 72 43 32
HEX 023F5A
RGB 2 63 90
Light Gold PANTONE 7557
CMYK 28 48 95 8
HEX B18234
RGB 177 130 52
Dark Gold PANTONE 7559
CMYK 37 56 100 23
HEX 8B6326
RGB 139 99 38
Light Orange PANTONE 7618
CMYK 18 66 84 5
HEX C86E41
RGB 200 110 65
Dark Orange PANTONE 346
CMYK 19 86 100 9
HEX BC4526
RGB 188 69 38
Medium Gray PANTONE 444
CMYK 60 44 53 15
HEX 6A756D
RGB 106 117 109
Dark Gray PANTONE 2612
CMYK 68 53 58 33
HEX 4D5653
RGB 77 86 83
Light Gray PANTONE 663
CMYK 10 9 9 0
RGB 227 224 224
White CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255

Specific uses of color are described in the graphics standards guide.

Tertiary Colors and Accents

Although used most sparingly, our tertiary colors can add a crucial pop of color to accent and emphasize key messaging.

Color Name Color Values Color Swatch
Bright Green PANTONE 2256C
CMYK 69 0 67 0
RGB 63 186 129
Bright Purple PANTONE 2612
CMYK 63 100 11 2
HEX 7B2382
RGB 123 35 130
Bright Blue PANTONE 298
CMYK 90 0 9 0
HEX 00B2E0
RGB 0 178 224
Bright Gold PANTONE 7408
CMYK 0 29 100 0
RGB 254 187 17
Bright Orange PANTONE 7577
CMYK 0 61 84 0
HEX F4803E
RGB 244 128 62
Silver PANTONE 5665
CMYK 27 14 25 0
RGB 186 199 189

Typography: Fonts and Typefaces

Display Typefaces

When it’s used thoughtfully, typography is a powerful brand tool that can reflect or expand on the meaning of what we’re communicating. Morrisville’s typography is bold, distinctive, and flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of situations.

Our display typefaces embody the Morrisville brand essence, speaking with clarity, integrity, and authority. Each typeface has a unique voice and feel, so use only those that are appropriate for the intended message. Combinations can sometimes be implemented with good success, but overuse can easily weaken their effectiveness.

Prohibition Rough: Prohibition Rough is the go-to display typeface for the vast majority of situations. (This typeface is only available with a license. Please contact Communications & Marketing to coordinate a license.)

Mascot: Mascot can be used in cases where one or two words need a more lively, spirited feel. (This typeface is only available with a license. Please contact Communications & Marketing to coordinate a license.)

Supporting Typefaces

The Cooper Hewitt and PMN Caecillia font families work beautifully to support our brand’s messaging. Clean, crisp, and highly legible, both typefaces function well for setting subheads, callouts, and large blocks of copy.

Cooper Hewitt: As the primary sans-serif, Cooper Hewitt has a modern edge that contrasts nicely with the display typefaces. It also works nicely as a display typeface in formal communications where a more subtle elegance is required. (This font family is available for download.)

PMN Caecillia: PMN Caecillia feels more traditional and performs best as body text. (This typeface is only available with a license. Please contact Communications & Marketing to coordinate a license.)