Architectural Studies & Design A.S.

Architechture students building a model

Current students majoring in this program are currently completing their course of study. Moving forward, content from this program has been transitioned to the closely associated Residential Construction A.O.S. and Wood Products Technology A.A.S. programs and interested students are strongly encouraged to explore that option.

Excellence by design.

Through our Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in architectural studies & design, you will be immersed in the design-centered curriculum by engaging in hands-on architectural design projects where your concepts will be initiated, developed and refined.

Through analytical study, you will explore the social, environmental, behavioral, aesthetic and technological forces that influence architectural forms, ideas and patterns.

Your industry-experienced faculty will introduce the practical and cultural aspects of architecture in small classes designed to help you succeed. You will complete courses designed to teach you to graphically depict forms and textures in the natural and built environment.

Core courses will teach you the vocabulary, history, process and composition of architectural design, in addition to its use as a means of communication. You will explore design and construction materials and how architects and design professionals make use of them in their work, while additional studies in mathematics, physics, English, humanities and social sciences provide you a broad perspective of the industry.

The rigorous program prepares you to transfer to baccalaureate programs at many colleges and universities where you can continue your pre-professional and professional architectural degrees. After your two-year study, you may choose entry-level jobs in architecture and related design fields such as urban planning, environmental design or interior design.

The program is housed in the Sheila Johnson Design Center, an impressive 25,000-square-foot facility scenically positioned at the entrance to the Morrisville campus.

The college’s Architecture Club offers a bridge to personal and professional growth through architectural education, training and practice.

It is recommended that students do not purchase an Apple computer because many of the architecture software packages will not run on the Apple operating system. Plus, many Apple applications are Apple proprietary, which can be problematic.

It is highly recommended that students do not purchase a Chromebook, as Chromebooks will not run many of the architecture specific software packages.

Computer Hardware & System Minimum Device Requirements

  • Intel Core i7 2GHz CPU or faster or AMD Ryzen 7 or faster processor
  • Windows 10 Professional 64-bit or Windows 11 Pro (for Workstations is the best) operating system
  • 16 GB RAM or more
  • NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with 4 GB or more of video RAM
  • 512 GB or more solid-state drive (SSD) (Not a hard disk drive (HDD) – SSD is better)
  • Web Cam/microphone
  • 14” minimum, 17" or larger recommended display (monitor)
  • 100+ Hz recommended display refresh rate
  • 2 year/extended warranty/multi-year service agreement recommended

Optional add-ons

  • Portable external solid-state drive (2 TB recommended, 1 TB minimum),
  • Flash drive (32 GB recommended, 16 GB minimum)
  • External mouse with a scroll wheel
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